Refurbished Downloadable Care Package

Sale price $2.00 Regular price $1,000,000.00

Holy crap, get the deal of a lifetime right here, right now! That's right, for just $2.00 USD you can purchase a refurbished downloadable care package to use at your own discretion. Read a story and have that dude on your shoulder saying you should care, purchase a single care right here!

Benefit of buying a single care package at a time, you ensure that you won't go overboard and start showing those things....called emotions. Maybe someone you know just got bad news that doesn't really affect you, but you want to avoid upsetting them, because let's face it, how many people do you know that can loan you money? That's right, buy a care today, don't worry about it tomorrow!

Usually, this thing called "caring" can get expensive (although, some nay-sayers say it's free), we usually charge $1,000,000 per care (we really want to ensure you don't go overboard, you know)... But, we had a little accident in the docking area and one of the care packages leaked.. 

So, we are offering this deal for a VERY LIMITED TIME - only $2.00 per care, WOW!

Buy Your Downloadable Care Now!

*Email with download link will be sent within 12-24 hrs of purchase. It's best to order your single-use care at least a day ahead to ensure you're ability to care on time. 

**For those lacking a humorous side, this is meant to be funny.. But, there is a downloadable file and the only way to find out what we think is clever content, is to forgo $2 of your hard earned currency. Do you like to gamble?